The big coming out party

chickens_croppedThe chicks on their introduction to the big, wide world. This was actually taken a few weeks ago. After six weeks in the brooder, we moved them to the new coop, and kept them locked up for a week so that they would know that this is where they should go when it’s time to roost. I also installed an automatic door that opens at dawn and closes at dusk. I love it!

The new chicken coop

coop_croppedIt’s been a while since we posted, but at least we can claim it’s because we’ve been busy.
Our old chicken tractor was falling apart so we built this fancy new apartment for the girls. We’re pretty happy how it turned out, and hope the new chicks will too…

Pickled Quail Eggs

pickledEggs_croppedAll those cute little quail eggs that we had are now cute little quail who lay an egg a day (and poop a whole lot more than that). And, since we have chickens too, there is no dearth of eggs at our place. So, this morning I jumped on the trusty Internet and found an easy recipe for pickled quail eggs. In about three weeks we should know how they turned out. Hopefully they’ll go really good with a big old glass of homebrew.