Joys of Country Living

rat_croppedWell, the space between the shower and the linen closet started smelling bad, and I’ve been wanting to replace the molded shower and install and tiled one, so I tore it out this morning. This is what I found. Biggy rat had bitten the dust. Now I have to figure out how to seal everything up so it won’t happen again. Smelly bath towels just don’t cut it with Shannon.

Christmas Kifli

kifli_croppedBeing 50% Hungarian, it is de rigeur to bake poppy seed kifli every year at Christmas. I still remember Grandma making batches of them, though she madeĀ apricot and almond paste kifli as well. I admit that Shannon made these, but I did kind of supervise (taste tester… and, btw, they’re the real thing).

Dream Pillows

DreamHerbs_croppedThe stuff dream pillows are made of… wormwood, mugwort, and chamomile. We’ll also be adding some hops, peppermint, rosemary and lavender that we grew. If you’ve never tried a dream pillow, you should. I’ve had some epic dreams with them. My favorites are always the dreams where I can fly.

Sun Dried Tomatoes

SunDriedTomatoes_croppedOur version of sun dried tomatoes. When they’re dried, we’ll seal-a-meal them. Pictured are our two most favorite kitchen utensils… our KitchenAid, and our Excalibur dehydrator. If you’re ever going to get a dehydrator, don’t mess around. Just get an Excalibur. Not only is it the best for drying herbs, veggies, fruit, and jerky, but we also use it for raising dough for bread, and making yoghurt.
And, oh yeah, the leaves to the left are basil (of course).