Apple wine on the way

AppleWine_croppedSure, we’ve got the carboys and the fancy air locks for making wine, but when you’ve only got a small batch of apples to ferment into apple wine, all it takes is apple juice, sugar, yeast, water, a couple of sun tea jars, some plastic wrap, and rubber bands (elastics, for my New England friends).

The Little Greenhouse

We recently bought this greenhouse from the Little Greenhouse in Kingston, WA. It’s not cheap, but it’s the best gardening device EVER. No stooping, it waters itself, lights itself, warms itself, plus it was delivered and completely set up. All we had to do was add seeds… and you can see how well it’s doing after only a couple of weeks. We’re looking forward to having greens all year long, with NO worries about slugs.

Green Beans

BushBeans_croppedDarn, we love summer, especially this summer, since there’s been so much sun. The bush beans are in, and the pole beans aren’t far behind.

The first crop of peas is done, and it’s time to replant. Meanwhile, the vine crops (cukes, pickles, cucumber, zukes, and summer squash) are flowering like crazy. We’ve been dosing them with Sluggo, and it’s been working great. Now I’m mixing up a concoction to spray on the pepper plants to keep the deer away. They can have all the apples they can reach…

Ophelia Eggplant

eggplant_croppedI always believed that you couldn’t grow eggplant up here in the Pacific Northwest. This past spring however, I came across this while I was shopping for seeds in the Territorial Seed catalog: “Ophelia Eggplant. A delightful baby eggplant. Clusters of vivid, deep purple, true egg-sized fruit have a lush, tender texture, bitter-free flavor, and appear early in the season. Ophelia’s attractive, fuzzy, silver-green foliage accented with showy lavender blooms provides a perfect canvas to show off its loads of beautiful fruit. At only 24 inches tall it’s an absolute must for container gardeners.”

I figured if I tried growing them in the greenhouse, I should be able to handle the 55 days to maturity that they claimed. Well, it looks like it’s working to perfection. Bharta and baba ganoush, here I come!